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Tax support for small business webinar

This webinar provides small business owners affected by COVID-19 with information about how the Government's stimulus package can help their business. Is your small business affected by COVID-19? Come to this free 60 minute webinar to find out how the Government’s stimulus package can help your small business.

Running a home-based business

This webinar provides home-based business owners with information about what expenses you can claim as tax deductions.

Introduction to business records

This webinar provides small businesses with information about keeping business records. FREE introductory 60 minute session. You will learn about which business records to keep, the legal requirements and how long to keep your records. This basic session also introduces you to the benefits of developing good record keeping habits as well as tools to help you manage your records.

Budgeting your commitments

Come along to this one hour session to learn a straight-forward five-step process to stay on top of your regular financial commitments. Find out how to identify business activities that trigger financial responsibilities as well as practical help to plan for and meet your future commitments.

Digital options for small businesses

There are many online services and digital systems that can help you perform your business activities such as marketing, sales, accounting and reporting. Come along to this one hour session to find out what benefits you can get from digital systems and what systems are available for each area of your business operations.

Becoming an employer

This webinar provides new employers with an introductory session to learn about paying and hiring employees and contractors. Are you a new employer or thinking of becoming an employer? Come along to this FREE 60 minute introductory session to learn about hiring workers, paying employees, paying contractors and providing benefits to workers.

Managing employees

This webinar provides employers and business owners with information to help them minimise their risk of unfair dismissal claims and other adverse employee actions. Managing employees can be challenging at the best of times. Employees have protection from unfair dismissal and adverse action amongst other things. Employers need to be aware of these important issues and how they could impact on their workplace. This E-learning Virtual session takes you through a 5 step process to help you and your business navigate and reduce risk in this area.


Providing Careers

VET, or vocational education and training, offers your staff nationally recognised qualifications across a range of areas relevant to your industry. Qualifications range from Certificate I to Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma. Unlike other learning options, VET lets your staff undertake partial qualifications, short courses, skill sets and units of competency, allowing them to gain the specific skills relevant to your business needs.

Small business workshops

The ATO has a number of online workshops specifically designed or small businesses. The workshops cover a range of topics from record keeping and tax essentials through to employer obligation, taxable payments reporting and more.

Business Victoria

Small Business Workshops and Events

Search through an extensive list of workshops from Business Victoria to improve your skills & knowledge, or help recover from coronavirus downturns. Topics include: winning government business, what you needs to know; planning essentials, building a roadmap for success; keeping your small business on track; COVID essentials.

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